Gideon’s Promise 2019 Law School Partnership Project Fellow Spotlight


Charlotte Heyrman - The New York University School of Law



May 1, 2019 -- Atlanta, Georgia - Gideon’s Promise, an organization that trains public defense professionals to improve the quality of legal representation, is pleased to announce that 14 new fellows have joined our Law School Partnership Project (LSPP).  Through the generous support of our partner law schools, the Law School Partnership Project places graduating 3Ls into Gideon’s Promise 3-year Core 101 training program and the pipeline toward public defender office leadership.  LSPP allows third year law students the opportunity to receive experience on the front lines of criminal justice reform with one of our partner offices that may not otherwise be able to hire a talented, recent law school graduate.  These fellow are placed in offices where the communities are under-resourced and under-funded and where they can begin to change the culture of a system to one that focuses on providing a more equitable justice system.  One of our 2019 fellows, Charlotte Heyrman, wants to keep the lines of communication open with her clients outside of the courtroom, and learn about the concerns of the community she will be serving.


Charlotte Heyrman will be joining our partner office, the Office of the Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit in Montgomery, Alabama and will be a part of our 2019 Core 101 class.  She is receiving her Juris Doctorate from the New York University School of Law in May.  Ms. Heyrman believes that growing up in Baltimore shaped her calling to become a public defender.


“I saw the disparity in policing between white and African American communities,” said Heyrman.  “I want to fight for change because I saw the

inequities of the criminal legal system plotted out on the map of my city.”


Charlotte Heyrman has extensive intern experience working in the legal industry.  She has worked with the Mecklenburg County Public Defender Office as a Legal Intern in the summer of 2018.  Ms. Heyrman has also volunteered with the Parole Prep Project in New York City to help incarcerated individuals prepare for their upcoming parole interviews.  She is dedicated to providing the best representation possible to her clients.


Gideon’s Promise’s sole mission is to build a movement of public defenders who will provide equal representation to clients in vulnerable communities.


“With the Gideon’s Promise [LSPP] Fellowship, I will be able to develop my legal practice with people committed to raising the level of representation in local courthouses and of fighting for clients’ dignity,” said Ms. Heyrman.


To learn more about Gideon’s Promise and the LSPP program, please visit our website  To apply for the Law School Partnership Project in 2020 please contact Elizabeth Jones at




About Gideon’s Promise


Gideon’s Promise is a non-profit public defender advocacy organization that provides training, leadership development and mentorship to improve the quality of legal representation for the clients and communities they serve.  Founded in 2007 by Jonathan Rapping, the organization has grown from a single training program for sixteen attorneys in two public defender offices in Georgia and Louisiana to a national enterprise with 1,000 participants in 40 public defender offices across 27 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The organization’s initial three-year program for new public defenders has expanded into a comprehensive program model that supports public defenders at all levels of their career.